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At Your School

At Your School

Bring all the best of the RMSC experience and STEM education right to your school! Invite us to visit and get your students excited about science with hands-on activities or interactive presentations. For questions or to make your reservation, call RMSC Group Scheduling at 585.697.1942.

Program Pricing

Hands-On Programs (up to 30 students) or Interactive Shows/Assemblies

$125 per program for up to 30 students.

$225 per program for 31–60 students.

$325 per program for 61–90 students.

$400 per program for more than 90 students.

Mileage fees apply outside of Monroe County

Program Options

Find the perfect program to fit your science unit. From Light and Color to Pressure and Force, from 15 students to over 100, our traveling activities and shows can adjust to your school’s needs.

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