Take It Down! Organizing Against Racism

Take It Down! Organizing Against Racism

Traveling Exhibition

What is racism and how can it hide in plain sight? Explore the story of one local carousel panel and join in the meaningful dialogue it encourages on individual, institutional and structural racism.

In 2016, a panel featuring racial "pickaninny" artwork was removed from the Dentzel Carousel at Ontario Beach Park in Rochester, NY, after being on display for over 100 years. This issue generated controversy in our community and activists have created an exhibit around the piece to show how pickaninny art perpetuates racism by denying the humanity of black children.

Presented in partnership with the City of Rochester, this exhibit is an important opportunity to learn from the past and work together to promote social justice for all. Join in the conversation by viewing the panel at one of its future community locations or participate in one of the partner programs. 

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Community Display Locations

The exhibit is free and open to the public at all locations

  • Williams Gallery at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, 220 Winton Road South
    Sept. 6 through Oct. 23 | Monday through Friday, 10am–2pm


Past Programs

Community Opening and Reception
Friday, Sept. 8 | 6-8pm
First Unitarian Church of Rochester, 220 Winton Road South

Working Towards Racial Justice in Rochester
Thursdays, Sept. 14 and 28; Oct. 19 | 7–9pm
First Unitarian Church of Rochester, 220 Winton Road South

The Take it Down Planning Committee invites you to a program about the display of the removed Dentzel Carousel Panel. Following a view of the display we will discuss racism today and actions we can take in Rochester to work toward racial justice.


Interested in Future Program Partnerships?

We are working on a series of regularly scheduled programs in partnership with other organizations committed to dismantling racism, such as Facing Race, Embracing Equity: Rochester’s Racial Equity Initiative. Is your organization interested in being a future program partner? Please submit your information here and we will contact you to discuss program plans.


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