Visitors, please note that the RMSC Museum will be CLOSED for deep cleaning from Monday, Sept. 18 through Sunday, Sept. 24.

Strasenburgh Planetarium will be open only for performances of "Labyrinth" as part of the KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival.

Cumming Nature Center will remain OPEN.

Science on the Edge Lectures

Science on the Edge Lectures

The RMSC Richard C. Shultz Science on the Edge lectures have provided insight and understanding about current research in a broad array of topics for a general audience for more than 30 years.

Science on the Edge sparks intelligent conversations throughout the community. Designed to engage those interested in broadening their scientific understanding, lectures promote the continuation of education and sharing of ideas.

This year, the lectures change from being a short series where speakers come from across the nation to present in the stadium-style Eisenhart Auditorium to several local experts delivering their cutting-edge science discoveries in an informal atmosphere in the Science Museum building. The new, easy access to the Museum’s exhibits creates a dynamic and immersive experience. The lectures take place during the spring and fall.

Enjoy a lecture, Museum exploration, and meeting with the speakers in a unique after-hours experience. Seating is limited, pre-registration is highly encouraged. Call 585.697.1942 to register.

Museum open at 5:30pm before the start of the lecture.

Ticket Prices:


RMSC Member: $8

General Public: $10


RMSC Member: $5

General Public: $6

RMSC Employees, Docents/Volunteers, Rochester Engineering Society: $2

*Students through grade 12 or college students with valid college ID.

Fall 2017 Series

Upcoming Lectures: 


Aaron DelehantyBringing "Rochester in 1838" Back to Life
Aaron Delehanty, RMSC Staff Artist

Wednesday, Oct. 18: 7:30pm

As museums around the nation deal with the issue of what to do with their aging dioramas, the RMSC made the decision to restore its diorama "Rochester in 1838." Part of the museum since 1946, this diorama is one that many Rochesterians have grown up with and has become an icon of the museum. The restoration process took a team of dedicated staff over a year to realize. This talk with staff artist and TEDxFlourCity speaker Aaron Delehanty will take you through the ins and outs of what it took to bring this work of art and science back to life. After much hard work, the diorama is once agin the best piece of living history there is of this time period and one which the next generation can now grow up with, gaze at with wonder and teleport to the frontier life of Rochester, the "Young Lion of the West."

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Jen IndovinaPower Up!
Jen Indovina, CEO, Tenrehte Technologies

Wednesday, Nov. 8: 7:30pm

Jen Indovina is a clean technology entrepreneur and TED Fellow, who is currently working to spread energy efficiency initiatives worldwide. Jen is the CEO of Tenrehte Technologies, an electronics company making products that save massive amounts of energy. Tenrehte's first award winning product was the PICOwatt Smart Plug, an outlet adapter that gives you remote control over the power your devices consume. As a TED Fellow and inventor, Jen collaborates with projects all over the world from electrical energy disruptors, to art installations, and even tiny trackers being used to text elephants in East Africa. Jen is going to talk about turning ideas into actions and actions in products that can affect positive change. Bring your questions and curiosity about the commercialization of ideas! Let’s power up.

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Past 2017 Lectures: 

Peres portrait

How to Photograph a Snowflake
Michael Peres, Professor of Photographic Arts and Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology

Thursday, April 27: 7:30pm

In 2003, and at the request of a student, RIT photography professor Michael Peres started photographing snowflakes with his class. Rochesterians know well the realities of winter. The cold and variability of day to day weather and precipitation can be difficult to deal with. Rochester receives on average more than 100 inches of snow and within those snowfalls are an enormous number of ice crystals. All snow is not the same and there are an infinite number of natural designs to the crystals that form once the temperatures drop below 32F and the conditions are right. This visually rich lecture will share Professor Peres photographs showcasing these natural wonders that are truly unique and in some cases exist for very short periods time.  Peres will share his methods for making these photographs sharing the challenges and successes. Michael has been at RIT for more than 30 years and his photography has been featured in Time, by CNN, the weather channel and countless other publications.


susan spencer 540 Megawatts by 2025: A Solar Revolution for Our Region
Susan D. Spencer, Ph.D, ROCSPOT President and CEO

Thursday, May 11: 7:30pm

Explore solar technology and the most current developments as Dr. Susan D. Spencer provides a brief history. Learn about how this technology can be applied around the world and zoom in on the U.S., New York State and Rochester to discover exciting advancements. How will we achieve 540 megawatts by 2025 and what will happen when we do?



azzara headshot

Creativity at the Core: Inspiration and Meaning for Music
Christopher Azzara, Professor of Music Education at the Eastman School of Music 

Wednesday, Feb. 1: 7:30pm

Improvisation in music is the spontaneous expression of meaningful musical ideas—it is analogous to conversation in language. Key elements of improvisation include spontaneity, interaction, and being “in the moment.” We are born improvisers, as evidenced by our behavior in early childhood. Improvisation enables musicians to express themselves from an internal source and is central to developing musicianship in all aspects of music education.



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