Winter Sports Science Weekend

Winter Sports Science Weekend


Saturday, Jan. 13–Monday, Jan. 15 | 11am–3pm

Did you know that hockey, skiing and skating all rely on physics, math, biology and chemistry? Celebrate the upcoming winter games by competing in science challenges. Test your skills physically and intellectually all while learning about the science of sports in activities on all floors of the museum.


Each Day (Saturday through Monday)

  • Mini curling and ice touch tanks
  • Olympic trivia and bingo
  • Make your own Olympic medal and take a photo on the podium


Saturday Only: Meet the Curling Club of Rochester

  • Learn about the sport of curling!
  • Meet local representatives from the Curling Club of Rochester
  • Explore the physics behind moving the stone


Sunday Only: Meet the Rochester Fencing Club

  • Meet local Olympian Iris Zimmerman
  • Watch a live demonstration featuring youth competitive fencers
  • Learn about this unique sport which has three different weapons and why fencing is actually one of the safest Olympic sports
  • Try out fencing for yourself!

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