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Young Scientist Day with JoJo

Young Scientist Day with JoJo

Thursday, July 12 

From this season of NBC's Little Big Shots starring Steve Harvey and YouTube channel JoJo's Science Show, meet young scientist JoJo!

"Science is FUN!" is JoJo's motto. From building a lemon clock to generating electricity with a DIY wind turbine, most JoJo's Science Show episodes feature experiments that you can do at home with things around the house. 

Young Scientist Video Contest

Calling all junior scientists! We want to see your favorite science experiment. Strap on your safety goggles and make your own 3-6 minute video like JoJo’s Science Show. Share your video with us by Saturday, June 30, and you may be selected to perform your experiment for a live audience in the Science + You exhibit at the RMSC on Thursday, July 12. 

Safety First!

When selecting your experiment and making your video, please follow these guidelines:

  • Ask a parent or guardian to help with your experiment. They can help make sure your experiment goes smoothly!
  • Wear safety goggles.
  • Only use chemical supplies for your experiment that can be purchased from most grocery stores, such as baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, salt, etc.
  • Do not use or produce fire in your experiment.

Ready, set, science!

When you’re ready to submit your experiment, complete this online submission form and upload your video.

Have any questions? Contact Hannah Barry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Submit Experiment


Young Scientist Day Schedule

Thursday, July 12 | 10:30am–3pm

10:30–11:45am  Live science show with JoJo and RMSC's Tim Cawley followed by a meet and greet for video contest participants

12:30–2pm — Junior scientist video contest winners present their experiments in limited-time exhibition Science + You / Ciencia + Tú.

1–1:45pm — Live science shows with JoJo and RMSC's Tim Cawley for the general public in the Bausch Auditorium

3pm — Live science spectacle outdoors with JoJo and RMSC's Tim Cawley for the general public


Discover JoJo's Science Experiments

Enjoy these two science experiments of young scientist JoJo, then check out more on his YouTube channel.



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