Solar Eclipse Day

Solar Eclipse Day

Monday, Aug. 21

On Monday, August 21, 2017, the shadow of the moon will sweep across North America, producing a solar eclipse visible from all parts of the continental U.S. In Rochester’s sky, 70 percent of the Sun will be covered at mid-eclipse. Join us at the RMSC to safely view the partial solar eclipse as well as engage in eclipse activities to learn more about how eclipses occur. (Photo Credit: Luc Viatour)


Solar Eclipse Viewing

1:14–3:52pm | FREE (Purchase proper eyewear for $2 if needed)

Meet with volunteer solar viewing guides, including physicists from the University of Rochester and volunteer amateur astronomers from the Astronomy Section of the Rochester Academy of Science to share in this infrequent and exciting event.

Enjoy eclipse excitement at one of three stations on the RMSC grounds where experienced solar observers will assist guests in viewing this phenomenon using safe solar telescopes and demonstrate viewing using pinhole projection. Learn about the commemorative stamp and postmark that has been created by the United States Postal Service as well. Inside the Museum and Strasenburgh Planetarium, volunteers will guide guests through internet viewings of the eclipse, featuring different views from throughout the country.

The countdown begins shortly after 1pm with the eclipse reaching its maximum coverage (70% totality) at 2:35pm. The eclipse ends at 3:52pm. Eclipse viewing without participation in the family program, indoor viewing or star show is free (must have proper eyewear).


Solar Eclipse Star Show

12-1pm | Strasenburgh Planetarium | Get Tickets

Recommended for older children and adults

During Eclipses 2017 and 2024, discover what makes eclipses happen, what to watch for, and where to go to see it in totality. Get a preview of April 8, 2024, when Rochester gets its first total solar eclipse since 1925! In the second half of the show, "Carl" the star projector rises into action for a live tour of the stars, constellations and planets of the current sky. 

Tickets are $7 for adults, $6 for seniors, college students with ID, and ages 3–18, and free for RMSC members.

Can't make it on the day of the eclipse? See other showtimes.


Family Programming

11am–3pm | Science Museum | Included in Museum Admission

Gear up for Monday's eclipse with Exploring Science: Earth & Space family activities in the museum from Friday, Aug. 18 through Monday, Aug. 21. Make clouds, imagine what extraterrestrial life might be like, investigate gravity and much more through hands-on activities. Learn first hand about the ongoing research happening at NASA in the fields of heliophysics, earth science, planetary science and astrophysics.

 Curious about Eclipses?

Illustration of the sun and earth during an eclipse

Learn more about what solar eclipses are, what we will see in Rochester and how to view them safely in our Solar Eclipse Guide 2017.

Discover where the full eclipses are occuring and the next time Rochester will be in the "path of totality" and explore a selection of recommended websites. 


  Explore Guide

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