Please note: On Saturday, Aug. 18, the Straseburgh Planetarium is closed until the 7:30pm show time of The Sky Tonight.

Star Shows

Admission: adults $7; seniors and college students $6; ages 3 – 18 $6; RMSC members and children under 3 are free.

The Sky Tonight

30 minutes/Ages 5 to adult

This concise tour of the stars, constellations, and planets in the current sky uses new, solid-state lasers to guide you through the magnificent starfield produced by the 46-year-old star projector.

Animals in the Sky

25 min / Ages 2 to 5

Can you find the animals in our sky? Join us for an imaginary trip into the stars to take a look.

Planet Spectacular

For ages 5–8

Let star projector "Carl" take you on a tour of planets and constellations.

Mars Comes Near

50 Minutes / Older Children and Adults

This summer, Earth comes closer to Mars than any time since 2003.

The Last Question

50 Minutes / Older Children and Adults

Originally produced in 1972, this quiet, contemplative show begins in 2061 and takes us trillions of years into the future, as human intelligence asks questions of ever more sophisticated computers.

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