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Curiosity is calling.

Curiosity is calling.

Will you pick up?


On Friday, November 8, National STEM Day, we're hosting our first annual STEM Day of Giving. Support our efforts and support the future of STEM!


As Rochester’s hub of lifelong science learning, RMSC is essential to our region’s science infrastructure and culture of curiosity.  

Our hands-on, minds-on experiences give children, teens, and adults the chance to explore science and technology further, and with your help we’re able to encourage even more discovery.

Today we’re asking you to help us to empower, grow, fuel, and spark curiosity. Your tax-deductible gift will help us inspire the young and the young at heart. Will you answer our call?


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Why answer our call?

Your gifts to RMSC provide over 375,000 school-aged children, teens, and adults annually the opportunity to explore their science and technology curiosity. With your continued help, we’re able to encourage even more discovery. With your support we will: 

Empower Curiosity 

Your support matters! It helps local children get the education they deserve. Our premier Museum-based preschool has been offering STEM-based educational programming for more than 40 years with over 4,000 graduates.

Grow Curiosity

Because of you we can immerse visitors in exploration of the universe in the region’s only public, domed planetarium. Through your generosity, we can offer free admission to more 10,000 underserved families and individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities in our Museum, the Strasenburgh Planetarium, and at the Cumming Nature Center.

Fuel Curiosity 

We need you to help us continue to offer hands-on learning opportunities, thoughtful exhibits, and a service-learning curriculum that engages students in constructive activities to help develop strategic thinking and civic interest. 

Spark Curiosity

With your support, we can present real-time exhibitions such as Science On a Sphere, an interactive globe that lets visitors explore events such as earthquakes and extreme weather on Earth and other planets as they happen.

Through a contribution to our 2019 Call for Curiosity, you can help us empower, grow, fuel, and spark curiosity. Give to RMSC today and inspire curiosity in the young, and the young at heart, for years to come.


Curiosity is Calling
Will you pick up?


Other ways to Donate: 

Call 585.697.1938

Text GIVERMSC to 52182

Visit 657 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14607

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RMSC by the Numbers

Who are we and who do we serve? Here's a snapshot of our impact.

  • 5 million+ people have seen the stars at the Strasenburgh Planetarium since it opened in 1968.
  • 77.5k Planetarium shows have been shown over 50 years
  • 375k curious visitors come to the Museum each year
  • 60k wide-eyed children visit RMSC in school groups each year
  • 15.5k+ individuals and families served by RMSC's Community Partner Pass program each year
  • 6,400 RMSC members across Western N.Y.
  • 900 acres make up Cumming Nature Center, home to a vast, beautiful landscape and diverse environmental education opportunities 
  • 1 large public Planetarium within a day's drive of Rochester from any direction

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