Stories Of Women Who Changed The World.
Right In Our Own Backyard.

Our exhibit is now closed. View the virtual version online.

About the Exhibit

Discover more than 200 inspiring stories of past and present diverse Rochester, Indigenous, and Haudenosaunee women visionaries, trailblazers, inventors, activists, and entrepreneurs who changed Rochester and the world. Located in the Riedman Gallery and throughout the third floor of the museum, our newest exhibit will transport you through history and current events, inspiring you to transform the future by becoming Changemakers.

What Is A Changemaker?

Meet The Changemakers

Over 200 women were selected to be featured in this exhibit. Get a glimpse of some of the featured Changemakers through these highlights.

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A Manifesto for Changemakers

Listen To The Manifesto
  • Where it began
  • With the people
  • Who believed in change
  • From before a movement
  • To beyond what was thought possible
  • Becoming Changemakers
  • And empowering future generations
  • To BE the Changemakers