Anna Murray Douglass


Blazing The Path To Freedom

Anna Murray Douglass was a key stationmaster on Rochester’s Underground Railroad and made Frederick Douglass’s work possible. 

Anna was a resourceful woman. She worked hard as a domestic servant and saved enough so that by the time she met Frederick Douglass, she was able to help fund his escape from slavery. After they started a family, she continued to support them financially, as his lectures and appearances could not provide enough income. In Rochester, Anna established her home as a stop on the Underground Railroad.

She provided food, lodging, and clean linens for freedom seekers. She was called on at all hours of the night to help. Anna was a member of the Anti-Slavery Societies in Massachusetts and Rochester. It was Anna who inspired her husband and kept the household running smoothly, the children cared for, and the money saved and managed while his fame and obligations grew.

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