Danielle Ponder Esq.

For the Love of Justice

Danielle ‘Dee” Ponder is a defense attorney, speaker, and local social justice activist who has dedicated over 15 years to organizing and advocating for marginalized communities.

Dee has worked on issues such as education funding, women’s rights, criminal justice reform, and she has become an active and inspiring voice in the local Black Lives Matter protests. After first joining the Monroe County Public Defender’s Office as the only African American lawyer, Danielle returned in 2020 as the Special Assistant Public Defender, Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

One of her main goals in the new position has been to increase the percentage of lawyers who are people of color. Now, just under 10% of the staff attorneys are from underrepresented communities. Danielle is also an accomplished internationally recognized vocalist and songwriter. In 2017 she created the multimedia show For the Love of Justice, where she shines a light on our criminal justice system through powerful lyrics and thought provoking visuals. Her songs advocate for racial equality, women’s empowerment, and love.

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