Community curation is a concept that incorporates additional perspectives and voices to help spark questions and dialogue that may otherwise go unaddressed. Community curators bring creative, innovative ideas and can hold museums accountable by pushing “everyone in their organizations to play a role in applying a lens of equity, diversity and inclusion to every aspect of their work.”1 Throughout the RMSC’s exhibition development process for The Changemakers: Rochester Women Who Changed the World, staff collaborated with more than 50 individuals and 11 organizations, as well as three Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Consultants, who formed our community curator team. These community members, and the DEI consultants hired to assist with the exhibition, shared authority with the RMSC staff in decision making, provided content expertise and diverse perspectives that enabled the RMSC to more inclusively, authentically, and accurately represent all of the women featured in The Changemakers— particularly Black women, Indigenous women, and other women of color.


  • Amarah Anderson
  • Jennifer Banister
  • Dr. Tatyana Bakhmetyeva
  • Lydia Boddie-Rice
  • Shalinda Bollar
  • Maria Brion
  • Jane Bryant
  • Velverly Caldwell
  • Aimee Carpenter
  • Dr. Juilee Decker
  • Rachel Y. DeGuzman
  • Dr. Rebecca DeRoo
  • Dr. Kristin Doughty
  • Morgan Farrow
  • Michelle Finn
  • Juliana Greene
  • Autumn Haag
  • Justin Harmon
  • Je’Nasia Harrell
  • Joan Coles Howard 
  • Deborah L. Hughes
  • Nino Irizarry
  • Annette Jiménez Gleason
  • Emily Jones
  • Meg Joseph
  • Jessica Lacher-Feldman
  • Lily Lee
  • Mimi W. Lee
  • Dr. Tina Lent
  • Carmen Ibis Lopez
  • Michael Maiorino
  • Wanda Martinez-Johncox
  • Donna Murano
  • Lisa O’Malley
  • Yue Quan
  • Barbara Quinn
  • Christine L. Ridarsky
  • Nydia Padilla-Rodriguez
  • Kathy Ross
  • Cheryl Sampson
  • Dr. Jessica Slentz
  • Jacqueline Sprague
  • Rochester Sprague Family
  • Carolyn Vacca
  • Paul F. Walker
  • Briana Williams
  • Tashiana Williams
  • Jaylen Wims
  • Amarye Woods

Community Partner Organizations

  • Asian Pacific Islander American Association (APAA)
  • Borinquen Dance Theatre, Inc. 
  • Friends of Ganondagan
  • Ibero-American Action League
  • National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House
  • Office of the City Historian
  • Rochester Institute of Technology Museum Studies Program
  • Rochester Public Library
  • TeenEmpowerment
  • University of Rochester Rush Rhees Library
  • University of Rochester Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

ChangeNOW Guest Curator

  • Rachel Y. DeGuzman

Visualizing Change Artists

1Merritt, Elizabeth. Community Curating: A Macro to Micro View. American Alliance of Museums: 2018. https://www.aam-us.org/2018/03/13/community-curating-a-macro-to-micro-view/