Lunar Liftoff!

Lunar Liftoff!

Tuesday, July 16–Saturday, July 20 | 11am – 3pm

Immerse yourself in America's giant leap forward in ingenuity and exploration!

At the Strasenburgh Planetarium

Board the Apollo 11 lunar module for a re-creation of the Moon landing at our new Planetarium show, The Eagle Has Landed. See what the astronauts saw and listen in on their conversations with Mission Control. We’ll also travel to other landing sites that were identified but not selected. 

Catch the show!

Please note that tickets to the Planetarium Show are a separate charge from Science Museum admission.

At the Science Museum

Explore a full-scale lunar module and imagine your own journey at daily rocket launches and demos— water rockets, pneumatic rockets, methanol rockets, and more. Build a model of the solar system or a mini-module, compare how much objects weigh on Earth to the Moon, watch video of the launch and landing in a replica 1969 living room, discover 50 ways to celebrate the Moon mission, and more—there's something new every day!

All activities are included with Science Museum admission. Please note that tickets to the Planetarium Show are a separate charge. 


  • Rocket Launches: Gather on the cafe patio daily to watch and/or take part in our daily rocket launches. We've got all the bases covered with everything from water and stomp rockets to alka seltzer and pneumatic rockets
  • Build a lunar module: Get creative and make a marshmellow & toothpick lunar module
  • Make a some noise and launch Hydrogen rocket in the lobby! 
  • Get crafty: 
    • Space Helmets: Do you wanna to be a spaceman? Create your own astronaut helmet and soar into space
    • Craters: A hands on experiment showing how they form and what we can learn about the history of the moon from them
    • Hide & Seek Moon: A close up of how scientists study objects on the moon that will teach how cultures around the world have viewed the Moon.

    • Rocket Reactions: Learn how materials interact and behave with this explosive activity

  • Take a virtual trip: Explore the surface of Mars and try your hand at driving a Mars rover with our Oculus Go VR headset all in Science on a Sphere
    Why Mar's when we're celebrating the Moon? NASA's next moon mission will be a jumping off point to head to Mars. The Moon is a testbed for Mars. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate new technologies that could help build self-sustaining outposts off Earth.
  • Astronaut Mascot sighting: meet our astronaut mascot daily 1:30-330 (11–3pm on Saturday) and snap a pic! Tag #rmscexploremore and you could win some prizes in our photo contest
  • 1960's Living Room: Lounge in our 60's style living room and relive (or live for the first time) the Apollo moon landing with live footage on our retro living room TV
  • Backyard Lunar Lander: The Eagle has the RMSC! Come see a half-scale version of the Lunar Lander created by Barry Nobles (Tuesday and Saturday) 


  • Everything in the daily schedule above, plus...
  • Catch one of today's performances of The Eagle Has Landed. The 3:45pm performance will be timed so that the moon landing in the show occurs 50 years to the minute after the original event! (Only RMSC members can buy tickets in advance Reserve your tickets.)

    Much Ado about Nothing: The Wonders of Vacuum Science and Technology
  • Experience the power of air and learn about the impact of vacuum science had on NASA missions with a variety of vacuum powered activities

  • MARS Rocket club: Get up close and personal with their astronautical rockets
  • Astronomy Section: Rochester Academy of Sciences
    What can I see in the night sky this summer? Where is the best local spot to gaze at the stars? How do you make a telescope? Discover this and all things deep space from local experts in the astronomy field
  • Rochester Lego User Group: The Rochester Lego User Group will be building and showcasing a one of a kind out of this world display customized for the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

  • Backyard Lunar Lander: The Eagle has the RMSC! Come see a half-scale version of the Lunar Lander created by Barry Nobles




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