Strasenburgh Planetarium is closed for exciting technology upgrades. Click here to learn more about what you can look forward to.

Planetarium School Shows

Explore our Strasenburgh Planetarium school offerings more in-depth.

For pricing and other visit details, return to the School Visits to the Planetarium page.

To arrange a visit for your school group, call RMSC Group Scheduling at 585-697-1942 at least three weeks in advance. If possible, please arrange for your visit to take place before April recess. Seating is limited during the crowded times from late April through June.

My Planets

Pre-K to Grade 1
See major planets, moons, comets, asteroids and Plutoids in our solar system.

Our Changing Seasons

Grades K-2
Travel through the beautiful cycle of seasons in western New York.

Sun, Moon and Stars

Grades 1-2
Observe the characteristics and movements of the sun, moon and stars in our sky.

Cycles in the Sky

Grades 2-5
Learn about cycles of the day, year and lunar month.

Solar System Science

Grades 3-8
Recent data that has come from our solar system and other solar systems, visually presented.

Face of the Earth

Grades 5-8
Explore Earth's hydrosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere, and examine signs of climate change, life processes and human impact.

Gravity and Energy in the Universe

Grade 9 through College
For grades 9-12 and college elective classes and clubs. Understand, appreciate and be ready to participate in some of the developments in our exploration of the universe.

Seasons, Phases and Eclipses

Grades 6-8
Understand the changing appearances of the sun, moon and stars and learn about eclipses.

Celestial Sphere

Grade 10 through College
Preparation for the Regents Earth Science exam; for grades 10-12 or college classes

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