Albertosaurus Albertosaurus

Return of the Roar!

expedition: dinosaur

Now Open Through
May 1, 2022!

Now Open Through May 1, 2022!

Take a Prehistoric Journey!

Run with the reptiles and immerse yourself in the Mesozoic era as you explore Expedition: Dinosaur!

This new exhibit brings dinosaurs to life through roaring, moving robotic replicas that will leave you in awe. As you journey through galleries filled with thrilling sounds and special effects, you’ll find a wide range of hands-on, interactive experiences and brain teasing puzzles that will challenge every dino-fanatic. You can even become a paleontologist, complete with excavation tools to help you explore the landscape of the prehistoric world and discover intriguing facts about the 19th century Bone Wars.

Make sure to snap a photo with the climbable T-Rex to make your own massive memories before you leave – it’s sure to be a rip roaring great time!

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There are colossal stories to be told at Expedition: Dinosaur so don’t forget to share all of your fossilized fun. Make sure you tag us @rocrmsc when posing with your new big time friends so we can add your exciting experiences to the RMSC social feeds!

dino-sized happenings!

Make big tracks to some in-depth dino events themed to complement our featured exhibit, Expedition: Dinosaur! Explore our programs and mark your calendars for some big. time. fun!

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dig up some adventure!

Walk among giants and immerse your students in the Mesozoic era. This new exhibit brings dinosaurs to life through engaging interactives, captivating animatronics, and exciting facts that tell the story of this transformative era of earth’s history.

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