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The RMSC Museum & Science Center will be closed on Mondays for the remainder of the school year. We will be open on select school holidays, including Indigenous People's Day on October 10. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Virtual Haudenosaunee School Days

Virtual Haudenosaunee School Days

Immerse your students in the vibrant art and culture of today's Haudenosaunee people. Celebrate Haudenosaunee culture—past and present during this remote program.

Meet live with local Haudenosaunee artisans who:

  • do quillwork
  • make jewelry
  • carve instruments
  • do basket weaving
  • make corn husk dolls.
  • Listen to a Haudenosaunee storyteller.

Join an educator in the museum's world-renowned Native American exhibit. View artifacts rarely on display for the public, including art from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) Indian Arts Project.

Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this program do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities. 

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Subjects: The Arts, Social Studies
Program Type: Virtual Experiences
NYS Standards:

  • 4.2 Native American Groups and the Environment

Where is it?


When is it?

Days Available: Monday, Tuesday
Start Date: 11/15/2021
End Date: 11/16/2021
Program Length: 1 Full School Day
Earliest Start Time: 9am-2pm

Who Should Attend?

Grades: 4th Grade
Maximum Attendence: 400

How Much Does It Cost?

Cost: FREE

How To Book?

Call: 585.697.1942
Reservation Lead Time: 1st come, 1st served (very popular)

Need More Information?

Name: Guest Services
Phone: 585.697.1942

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