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The RMSC Museum & Science Center will be closed on Mondays for the remainder of the school year. We will be open on select school holidays, including Indigenous People's Day on October 10. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Animal Defenses

Animal Defenses

Guided Cumming Nature Center Experience, Virtual Experience, or RMSC: Delivers to Your School

This adventure explores the unique defense mechanisms that our local animals use to protect and defend themselves.

For digital programs, our educators will work with your classroom to determine which platform works best to facilitate this experience.

In-person capacity may be limited in compliance with public health guidelines in effect on the day of your visit.

Subjects: Life Science
Program Type: Cumming Nature Center Experiences, RMSC Delivers: Experiences at Your Site , Virtual Experiences
NYS Standards:

  • LS1.A Structure and Function
  • LS2.D Social Interactions and Group Behavior
  • 2-LS4-1 Make observations of plants and animals to compare the diversity of life in different habitats.
  • 3-LS1-1 Develop models to describe that organisms have unique and diverse life cycles but all have in common birth, growth, reproduction, and death.
  • 3-LS2-1 Construct an argument that some animals form groups that help members survive.
  • 3--LS3-2 Use evidence to support the explanation that traits can be influenced by the environment.
  • 3-LS4-3 Construct an argument with evidence that in a particular habitat some organisms can survive well, some survive less well, and some cannot survive at all.
  • 4-LS1-1 Construct an argument that plants and animals have internal and external structures that function to support survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction.

Where is it?

  • Cumming Nature Center
  • Virtual
  • At Your School

When is it?

Days Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Anytime except 11/20/21-12/12/21 for on site visits.
Program Length: 3 hours-full day in-person experience OR 60 min. virtual experience
Earliest Start Time: 8:30am

Who Should Attend?

Grades: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade
Minimum Attendence: 12
Maximum Attendence: 60

How Much Does It Cost?

  • In-Person: $7/person; 1 free adult with every 5 students; RMSC Member Adults free.
  • Virtual: $150 for 1-30 students
  • CNC Delivers: $150 1-30 Students; $250 31-60 Students; $350 61-90 Students; * Mileage will be charged for venues over 30 miles away.

How To Book?

Call: 585.697.1942
Reservation Lead Time: At least 2 weeks

Need More Information?

Name: Guest Services
Phone: 585.697.1942

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