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Join us for the first ever Frost Town Symposium and explore the history and findings of a rural archaeological site in Western New York.

  • Cumming Nature Center
  • Saturday, May 13

  • 10am – 6pm


Join us on Saturday, May 13 for the first ever Frost Town Symposium! This symposium will explore the history of Frost Town, a former sawmill town located on what is now nature center property.

Over the course of the day, archaeologists, historians, and local scholars will be giving presentations on the archaeological remains of Frost Town, rural archaeology in Western New York, and the history of archaeological work at the Cumming Nature Center.

The day will feature three panels filled with local scholars and students and a keynote by Dr. Alex Smith, the director of Frost Town Archaeology. We will end the event with an opening reception for the nature center’s exhibit about Frost Town, which will run from May through November. Panels begin at 10am and the exhibit opening reception starts at 5pm with lunch and reception snacks provided.

Stay tuned for More information and a full schedule!

Frost Town Archaeology Team, Summer 2022
Artifact found at Frost Town, Summer 2022
Excavating at Frost Town, Summer 2022


This event is funded through the American Council of Learned Societies.

About The Event

  • Cumming Nature Center
  • Saturday, May 13

  • 10am-6pm