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Free Telescope Events fall 2023

Thanks to volunteers from the Astronomy Section, Rochester Academy of Science, look through a telescope and learn about telescopes at these events!

  • Strasenburgh Planetarium
  • Select Saturdays (Weather Permitting)


telescope viewing

at the planetarium

Join us on select Saturdays to enjoy free telescope viewings (dependent on clear skies and good weather). 

Climb 60 steps to the top of the tower at the back of the Planetarium on selected Saturday nights to view the moon (and possibly a planet, depending on date) through telescopes operated by volunteers from our local astronomy club, the Astronomy Section of the Rochester Academy of Science (AS-RAS). 

To confirm that the telescope is open, check the astronomy club’s Facebook page 


(Weather Permitting) 

Telescope viewing is on winter break during the weeks that are usually the coldest and cloudiest of the year. Please check back for updates on spring viewing dates!

Telescope viewing around town

hosted by the rmsc and the astronomy club

No upcoming events! Stay tuned for more.

Telescope viewing

at ionia, Ny

Free telescope viewing is also available on selected dates at the astronomy club’s beautiful dark-sky observing site in Ionia. The location is officially called the Farash Center for Observational Astronomy. There is an attractive small sign marking the driveway into the location, but it is advisable to
arrive before dark to be sure you see it. To confirm that a viewing event is happening, check the astronomy club’s Facebook page 

Farash Center for Observational Astronomy

8355 County
Road 14, Ionia, NY 14475.

About The Event

  • Strasenburgh Planetarium
  • Select Saturdays (Weather Permitting)

  • 90 minutes


  • Free!