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Under Construction: Building Careers

Construction trades are booming! Come and be inspired about the possibilities.

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Now located adjacent to the AdventureZone exhibition.

Construction trades are booming! Come and be inspired about the possibilities — and start building your skills right away.

Drill hands-on into construction trades and complete actual electrical, plumbing, architectural, and building tasks. It’s fun for the whole family.

Built by RMSC staff, this exhibit showcases the fascinating work of translating a building from vision to completion. Use your hands and minds to:

  • Maneuver a giant crane to move bricks on the “job site.”
  • Run wires through 2×4 studded walls to build a simulated working electrical system.
  • Install plumbing for a sink as well as install a p-trap for outflow.
  • Finish off your space by laying tiles made from KEVA Blocks

You’ll also hear from local pros: electricians, plumbers, and other construction professionals narrate their story of building the Sustainability Institute Hall, home of the Golisano Institute for Sustainability on campus at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). What do these experts do? What are their interests? How did they get where they are today? Explore how the industry has changed and the vital role that sustainability plays in this impressive building. Watch a cool time-lapse video of the construction of the building.

Safety first: Safety is a major focus in this industry. Learn why hardhats, steel-toe boots, and safety instructions are prominent on constructions sites.

Dabble in all the excitement that construction has to offer!


  • Builders Exchange of Rochester
  • Max & Marian Farash Charitable Foundation
  • John W. Danforth Company
  • LeChase Construction Services, LLC
  • Manning Squires Hennig Company, Inc.
  • O’Connell Electric Company


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