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Wonders of Water

The new Wonders of Water permanent exhibit allows visitors to immerse themselves in fun in a whole new watery way. Enjoy extraordinary hands-on experiences that are sure to make a splash in the imagination to bring kids and families back again and again. Explore the waters of the Greater Rochester region and discover your role in protecting them for the future.

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Wonders of Water

We’ve always been drawn to water—to satisfy our thirst, of course, but also to quench our need for exploration, for curiosity, and for wonder. Water has played a critical role in the development of our species, our communities, our ecosystems, and our economies.

And it’s also a boatload of fun!

What to Expect

Our brand new Wonders of Water exhibit is guaranteed to make you say “WoW!” as you experience water in a whole new way. During your visit you will…

• Dive into a multimedia exploration of Lake Ontario’s shipwrecks! Learn what life was like for diverse sailors aboard the USS Scourge, and discover why this nineteenth-century ship sank.

• Play the role of an underwater archaeologist and explore a shipwreck, or play the role of one of its sailors and relax in the Quiet Quarters to escape the busy currents of the gallery.

• Manipulate a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to investigate the Great Lakes’ oldest shipwreck, the HMS Ontario and discover what is at the bottom of Lake Ontario.

• Ascend a colossal new climbing structure to discover aquatic species living at various depths and emerge with a birds-eye view of the shipwreck below.


We’re fortunate to live in an area where water is all around us. Come visit the new Wonders of Water exhibit, where you’ll be sure to say “WoW!” and appreciate H20 in a whole new way!

*Don’t forget! Members of the Buffalo Museum of Science and other participating ASTC science centers or museums can visit for free!

About The Exhibit

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  • Now open!

This exhibit was made possible by the generous support :

Walter and Barbara Parkes

Victor and Eileen Salerno

Emil Muller Foundation

ESL Federal Credit Union

LaBella Associates

Ames-Amzalak Memorial Trust

Nancy and Sreeram Dhurjaty

The Dickman Family

Jim, Diana, Elle, and J.R. Donnelly

Fred and Alice Merz

Jim and Jennifer Meyer

The Schnell Family

Humanities New York  

Waldron Rise Foundation (Quiet Quarters)

This project was made possible in part by:

Institute for Museum & Library Services (IMLS)