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Leadership Level Memberships

Leadership level members help to support the RMSC and ignite a passion for learning through exploration and discovery. Community support bolsters our impactful programs and allows us to provide unforgettable experiences that inspire a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

With your help, we are inspiring the next generation of inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs.


By supporting us at a leadership level:


Your support keeps the Museum & Science Center, Strasenburgh Planetarium, and Cumming Nature Center open to the public so visitors (and you!) can keep discovering at any age.

Each year at the RMSC we:

  • Engage nearly 385,000 visitors with 200 hands-on exhibits that spark curiosity
  • Connect with more than 2,500 children who attend our Curiosity Camps
  • Care for 1.2 million collection items that tell the stories of the Rochester region and beyond

You build futures

WITH YOUR HELP, WE ARE INSPIRING THE NEXT GENERATION OF INVENTORS, INNOVATORS, AND life-long learners by generating interest in science, culture, and the natural world.

The RMSC provides economically disadvantaged youth (ages 15-19) with opportunities to learn workforce skills and explore science and technology careers with the Career Ladder program by employing them at the RMSC and providing training, mentoring, and professional development.

You create memories

Thanks to your support, the Community Partner Pass Program allows 10,000 low-income families and individuals with disabilities to visit free of charge each year

We open our doors to over 65,000 school-age children for field trip programs at all 3 RMSC locations to supplement their education in an immersive environment. All students should have the opportunity to expand their understanding of STEM through exploration of the Museum & Science Center.

You enrich our community

Our Community access program provides more than 100 local nonprofits and the individuals they serve with access to the rmsc

Our Community Access Pass Program ensures that students with economic, physical, and mental disadvantages (as well as their families, caregivers, and group leaders) are able to enjoy the benefits of the RMSC. Given this opportunity for discovery, these students’ performance and motivation improve while their confidence levels soar.

Thanks to friends like you, the RMSC can continue inspiring a better future for all

through curiosity, exploration, and participation in science, culture, and the natural world.


Explore our Leadership Level Guide to discover what you will enjoy in addition to the general benefits that we extend to all our members.

Join online, by phone, or by mail. Make a tax-deductible donation by becoming a member of the RMSC online, by phone or by mail:

Phone: Call VP, Institutional Advancement, 585.697.1936.

Mail: Download and complete the membership application, then send your application and payment made payable to “Rochester Museum & Science Center” to:


Attn: Office for Advancement
657 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607


As native Rochesterians, we both have memories of visiting the RMSC as children–so it has been part of our lives for a long time. Over the years, we have watched it become a more interactive science center, and now we enjoy taking our grandchildren there.

John and Betsy Carver, President’s Circle Members

It’s a safe, wonderful learning environment for families. We remember coming here when we were children. It’s tradition.

The Pierson Family

Our community is fortunate to have a world-class science center to help our kids better understand the world around them and get ready for, or even help build our future.

Jeff and Liv Burkey


  • Mr. Dale Buralli and Ms. Joanne Bernardi
  • Harlan and Tobie Calkins
  • Mr. George J. Conte, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dinaburg
  • Dr. Susan A. Donovan
  • Mr. James C. Fleming
  • Mrs. Deborah G. Goldman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Grossman
  • Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hargather
  • Dr. and Mrs. William A. Henion
  • Dr. and Mrs. H. Raul Herrera
  • Mr. Norman L. Horton
  • Mr. Gary C. Ippolito
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kubiak
  • Ms. Nancy Lowthian
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward McDonald
  • Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Messing
  • Ms. Hilda Milham
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Miller
  • Mr. William J. O’Connor Jr.
  • Ted and Susan Orr
  • Ms. Laurel J. Pace
  • Mr. Dwight M. Palmer
  • Ms. Barbara J. Purvis
  • Ms. Marion Robinson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Schenck
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Shirley
  • Dr. and Mrs. Fred W. Smith
  • Mrs. Catherine Sperrick
  • Mr. and Mrs. James T. Townsend
  • Mr. John S. Tritten
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tae B. Whang
  • Christa Whitney-Miller and Matthew Miller
  • Mr. Christopher Williams
  • Mrs. Catharine J. Wise


  • Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Asselin
  • Ms. Susan Baechle
  • Mr. and Mrs. Martin Banton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Bayer
  • Mrs. Paula Briggs
  • David J. and Margaret M. Burns
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeGeorge
  • Mr. and Mrs. Roland DeLardge
  • Dr. Steven H. and Susan Eisinger
  • Mr. Jody Fleischer
  • Mrs. Bonnie A. Garner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Heilbronner
  • Mr. Walter B. D. Hickey, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Husson
  • Mrs. Patricia S. Knapp
  • Dr. and Mrs. Haines B. Lockhart
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maier
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Massie
  • Bruce and Eleanor McLear
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pasquarella
  • Ms. Mary Jane Proschel
  • Dr. and Mrs. Edwin P. Przybylowicz
  • Mr. Neal E. Reaser
  • Honorable and Mrs. Thomas S. Richards
  • Mrs. Elise A. Rosenfeld
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harris H. Rusitzky
  • Mrs. Kathryn M. Schuster
  • Ms. Sheree Usiatynski and Mr. David Evans


  • Mr. James W. Alexander
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Baker
  • Mrs. Nancy P. Briggs
  • Mr. Stephen P. Copey
  • Ms. Katherine Cove
  • Mr. and Ms. Mark R. Ely
  • Mrs. Joan L. Feinbloom
  • Mrs. Sarah H. Forsyth
  • Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Humphrey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Judson, Jr.
  • Miss Alicia C. Lamphron
  • Mrs. Sandra N. Lerner
  • Karen and Gary Muisus
  • Dr. Daniel Williams and Dr. Jennifer Muniak
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Olson
  • David and Marjorie Lu Perlman
  • Jane R. Plitt and James T. Bruen
  • Jay and Margaret Rachfal
  • Mr. Lewis Rothberg and Ms. Shelby Nelson
  • Mr. Theodore P. Sawyko
  • Mr. George J. Scharr and Dr. Linda Rice
  • Vicki and Richard Schwartz
  • Mr. Michael W. Sundberg
  • Mrs. Janet Tyler
  • Mr. Eric I. Zeller


  • Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Farnham
  • Mrs. Laura J. Hameister
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris E. Holliday
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Maggs, Jr.
  • Bob and Gayle Stiles

President’s circle

  • Betsy and John Carver
  • Mrs. Carol N. Hirsh
  • Mrs. Norma L. Leone
  • Mr. James R. Low
  • Dr. and Mrs. James W. Meyer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Victor Salerno