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Extend the learning—download supporting curriculum materials below to use before, during, or after your RMSC experience for both self-guided and guided programs. Please call 585.697.1942 to confirm that the exhibit will be available at the time of your visit.

RMSC Museum & Science Center Exhibit Materials (Self-guided)

Educator Guides help you prepare for specific exhibits or programs. Many include content background, pre- and post-visit activities, vocabulary words and connections to NYS Learning Standards.

Pathways are designed around a specific learning theme in a specific exhibition hall and provide tools to use with your students to support your exhibit experience.

Lesson Plans in collaboration with students of st. john fisher

The RMSC Education team worked with students in Saint John Fisher University’s Community-Engaged Learning program to create the following lesson plans and activities to help educators like YOU get the most out of our exhibits and collection! Each activity’s cover page describes the grade level, themes, and activities contained therein, so that you can choose the resources that best fit your needs. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them! 

Changemaker Resources

Frederick Douglass & Abolitionist Resources

For more information, please reach out:

Eron Damercy, School and Teacher Programs Coordinator

Native Peoples of the Americas

The Hodinöšyö:nih

Wonders of Water