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Extend the learning—download supporting curriculum materials below to use before, during, or after your RMSC experience for both self-guided and guided programs. Please call 585.697.1942 to confirm that the exhibit will be available at the time of your visit.

RMSC Museum & Science Center Exhibit Materials (Self-guided)

Educator Guides help you prepare for specific exhibits or programs. Many include content background, pre- and post-visit activities, vocabulary words and connections to NYS Learning Standards.

Pathways are designed around a specific learning theme in a specific exhibition hall and provide tools to use with your students to support your exhibit experience.

Flight to Freedom: Rochester’s Underground Railroad

  • Educator Guide
  • The North Star: Anti-Slavery Newspaper Activity for Elementary and Middle School Educators
  • Abolitionist Reading List: An Annotated Bibliography for Elementary and Middle School Educators
  • Lessons from Frederick Douglass: 3 Abolitionist Lesson Plan Activities for Middle School Educators
  • Ireland’s Impact on the Development of Frederick Douglass: Video Lecture for High School and Adult Audiences

Native Peoples of the Americas

The Haudenosaunee