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New Civil War Exhibit Demonstrates Impact of Technology at the Rochester Museum & Science Center

    ROCHESTER, NY—To honor the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War’s end, the Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC) opens The American Civil War: The Impact of the Industrial Revolution exhibit on Friday, June 12.

    Visitors discover the vital role technology and industry played during the Civil War and get a unique look into how newly developed technological advancements, such as the telegraph, railroads, balloons and rapid-fire weapons, influenced both how the war was fought and how the nation emerged from the conflict. RMSC collection items tell the story of local soldiers—how they communicated, fought, travelled and adapted to the new technologies. The exhibit, assembled in-house, will be on display on the RMSC third floor by the Inventor Center.

    “The American Civil War exhibit reveals the power of technology and the incredible influence it has on war,” said Kate Bennett, president, RMSC. “Visitors experience unique stories through technology objects vital to a strategy and survival— they see a telegraph key and understand the advances that same-day communications made possible, how the railroad led to rapid transportation and a simple pair of socks made a huge difference for a soldier’s health. Guests also experience how photography brought home some of the terrible consequences of war.”

    A broad array of genuine items from the Civil War, including local items, will be on display. Items are detailed below:

    • Variety of rifles, including 1861 Springfield muzzle-loading rifles and five breach-loading carbines
    • Western Union telegraph key and sounder
    • Soldier’s diary recounting the Battle of Bull Run
    • Copy of the “Rochester Daily Democrat” from January 17, 1865
    • Seaman’s cap
    • Album of Carte de Visite photographs
    • Surgical kit
    • Uniforms including those worn by the 140th NY Volunteer Infantry Zouaves and the 13th NY Volunteer Infantry “Rochester’s Regiment”
    • Congressional Medal of Honor
    • Mid-19th century socks
    • Binoculars

    Offering an even deeper look into the Civil War, an interactive component in the exhibit will be available for the public to experience by June 30. It will feature a video covering five technological advancements in the Civil War with RMSC Collections Director, George McIntosh.

    Admission to The American Civil War: The Impact of the Industrial Revolution is free with regular Museum admission—$13 adults, $12 seniors and college students with ID, $11 ages 3 to 18, free for RMSC members and children under 3. For group reservations and rates, call 585.697.1942. The American Civil War: The Impact of the Industrial Revolution will be open daily. Visit for hours and other details.

    For high-resolution images and additional information, contact Amanda Bayer, Communications Specialist, RMSC at 585.697.1962 or

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