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new live animal exhibit explores the advantage of being slow

    The RMSC announces Survival of the Slowest, a new exhibition is currently making its way–leisurely, of course–to the RMSC and will open to the public on Friday, October 13, 2023.

    Survival of the Slowest: Counterintuitive Adaptations will provide guests an opportunity to experience an up-close look at animal species that may appear passive and timid, but in actuality, have unique and amazing adaptations that allow them to survive in a world that typically favors the fast and the strong. Throughout each day, wildlife educators will give impromptu and scheduled demonstrations, answer guests’ questions, and ensure the animals’ well-being. They may allow guests to safely touch the animals.

    “RMSC visitors love science and they love live animals; we’re excited to bring both together this fall with Survival of the Slowest. Learning and fun will combine as people engage with and meet these amazing creatures, exploring animal adaptations in this one-of-a-kind exhibit” said Hillary Olson, President & CEO of the RMSC. “We’re thrilled to host this limited-time show that we know our guests will love.”


    • Two Toed Sloth 
    • Ball Python
    • Emerald Tree Boa 
    • Pancake Tortoise 
    • Chacoan Golden Knee Tarantula
    • African Emperor Scorpion
    • Horned Frog 
    • Veiled Chameleon 
    • Hedgehog
    • Asian Water Dragon
    • Basilisk 
    • Bearded Dragon
    • Black Rat Snakes
    • Blue Tongue Skink 
    • Box Turtle
    • Emperor Scorpion
    • Green Iguana 
    • Horned Frog
    • Pine Snake
    • Red Footed Tortoise

    The exhibition is produced by Little Ray’s Nature Centre, the largest exotic animal rescue in Canada, in collaboration with the Canadian Museum of Nature. The majority of the animals are rescues that have either been seized by the government or surrendered by their owners because they could not be properly cared for. Each animal is closely evaluated and monitored by trained staff, and those on display are regularly rotated so that they get plenty of quiet time to relax.

    Survival of the Slowest is a temporary exhibit that will run from October 13, 2023 to May 19, 2024. During the time the exhibit is on view, there will be a small increase in admission tickets to the museum. The exhibition will be accessible during regular RMSC hours; Tuesday through Saturday from 9am–5pm, Sundays from 11am–5pm, and member-only hours Sundays 10–11am.  Visitors can book a private meet and greet with behind-the-scenes access to the exhibit at