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RMSC & Lollypop Farm present new exhibit challenge

    Celebrating its 150th anniversary, Lollypop Farm has partnered up with the RMSC to develop a new challenge in the RMSC’s Inventor Center Exhibit, named Lollypop Farm: Adventures to Adoption

    This new visitor experience engages RMSC visitors in two key parts of Lollypop Farm’s work: animal care and adoption. Using a combination of real life examples of x-ray images and microscope samples, visitors will play the role of Veterinary Technician to diagnose the health issues facing several different stuffed animals. These will range from a cat with ear mites, to a guinea pig with bladder stones, and a cuddly pit bull that swallowed a chew toy. 

    “Lollypop Farm is absolutely thrilled to collaborate with the Rochester Museum & Science Center for its new Inventor Center Challenge,” says Lollypop Farm’s Humane Education Manager Kim Ferris-Church.

    “Our highly interactive Lollypop Farm: Adventures to Adoption gives children and families the opportunity to experience being a Vet Tech—with a stuffed animal ‘patient’ – as well as matching a pet up for adoption with a family searching for one. We know this experience will go far in helping visitors understand what it takes to help build a just and compassionate world for all animals and thank the RMSC for this wonderful opportunity.”

    “The team at Lollypop Farm was a fantastic partner to work with,” says Calvin Uzelmeier, Director of Exhibits at the RMSC. “From initial brainstorming about a fun visitor experience that would engage audiences with their work, to the creation of content so that the experience is as engaging and accurate as possible, they brought their unique expertise and passion to each aspect of the project.”

    With each visit, guests may discover a different combination of the 17 total animals available for diagnosis. In the adoption game, guests will be challenged with trying to find the perfect new home for different animals available for adoption. Information about each animal’s personality will help give clues as to the perfect new living environment for an adoption match. The adoption game will be available as both a matching card game for younger visitors and a touch-screen tablet game. These stuffed animals will be available to “adopt” at the Shop at RMSC (without ear mites or bladder stones!). 

    Lollypop Farm: Adventures to Adoption is set to open to the public on Tuesday, October 17, 2023 at 9am and will run through June 2024. The media is invited to the Press Day event on October 17 from 1:40-2:40 pm at the RMSC Museum & Science Center. Media interested in attending should RSVP to Lyndsay Compitello or Amy Blum (contact info at the top). 

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