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Rochester Museum & Science Center Monthly Calendar: November 2016

    Museum & Science Center


    Monday–Saturday: 9am–5pm

    Sunday: 11am–5pm

    Veterans Day, Friday, November 11: 9am–5pm

    Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24: CLOSED

    Black Friday, Friday November 25: 9am–5pm

    Museum exhibits CLOSED Friday, November 18–Sunday, November 20 for Holiday Bazaar Arts & Crafts Sale


    November 1-10: $13 adults, $12 seniors and college students with ID, $11 ages 3–18, free for children under 3 and RMSC members.

    Starting November 11: $14 adults, $13 seniors and college students with ID, $12 ages 3–18, free for children under 3 and RMSC members.

    Strasenburgh Planetarium

    Hours and Admission: See show schedule

    Museum and Planetarium Combined Admission:

    $17 adults, $15 seniors and college students with ID, $14 ages 3-18

    Cumming Nature Center


    Wednesday–Friday: 9am–3:30pm; Saturday–Sunday: 9am–4:30pm

    CLOSES for the season Sunday, November 13


    RMSC members free; General public requested donation—$3 per person; $10 per family.

    3rd ROC Café


    Monday–Saturday: 10am–3pm

    Sunday: 11am–3pm

    Museum Special Events

    657 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

    Unless otherwise noted, programs are located at RMSC and are free with museum admission


    Working with the Extreme

    Friday, November 11–Sunday November 13: 11am–3pm

    In honor of Veterans Day, experience this special program on how the “classical elements” of earth, air, water and fire have played important roles in some of the most fascinating professions. From firefighting and storm chasing to geology and deep water diving, get hands-on with the elements that drive careers.



    Haudenosaunee Days

    Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6: 11am–3pm

    Celebrate Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) culture — past and present — with artisans from the community. Learn first-hand about the tradition of making cornhusk dolls, jewelry, quillwork and basket weaving. Hear storytellers and join RMSC educators to learn more through the Museum’s world-renowned collections. Get an up-close view of artifacts rarely on display for the public, including art from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) Indian Arts Project. Immerse yourself in the vibrant art and culture of today’s Haudenosaunee nations.


    Richard C. Shultz Science on the Edge Lectures

    Wednesday, November 2: 7pm (doors open at 5:30pm for Museum exploration prior to lecture)

    Gravitational Waves: Opening a new window on the universe

    Richard O’Shaughnessy, assistant professor of mathematics and a program faculty in Astrophysical Sciences and Technology at RIT, will discuss gravitational waves, which come from blackholes and other objects. Gravitational waves create ripples in the universe’s fabric, and these ripples give us incredible insight into phenomena in astrophysics. O’Shaughnessy will also talk about Einstein’s legacy and how it will give us a new perspective on the universe.

    Adult RMSC Member: $8; General Public: $10

    Student* RMSC Member: $5; General Public: $6

    RMSC Employees, Docents/Volunteers, Rochester Engineering Society: $2

    *Students through grade 12 or college students with valid college ID.

    To register, visit or call 585.697.1942.


    46th Annual Holiday Bazaar Arts & Crafts Sale

    Presented by the RMSC Women’s Council

    Friday, November 18: 5–9pm

    Saturday, November 19: 9:30am–5pm

    Sunday, November 20: 11am–4pm

    Location: RMSC Museum and Eisenhart Auditorium

    Showcases more than 200 artists and features various creative items including jewelry, glass, woodwork, clothing, ceramics and holiday gifts. The bazaar also offers food for purchase and a used book sale. As one of the longest running arts and crafts festivals in the Rochester region, the sale attracts thousands of shoppers annually.

    Single Entry: $5 per person

    Two-day pass: $7 per person

    Children 12 and under are free. RMSC members receive half price on Friday night.


    Science Alive

    Sponsored by M&T Bank, Corning Incorporated Foundation and Time Warner Cable

    Exciting experiments with museum educators, hands-on explorations with science experts from our community and more.

    Electricity Theater
    Musical lightning powered by twin Tesla coils zaps across the dark theater.

    Saturdays, Sundays and School Breaks: 12pm, 2pm and 4pm; Tuesdays and Thursdays: 4pm

    Science Encounters
    Try your hand at fun science experiments with RMSC staff and volunteers in exhibit galleries.
    Saturdays, Sundays and School Breaks: 10:15am, 11:15am, 12:15pm, 1:15pm, 2:15pm and 3:15pm

    Live Science Shows

    Discover fiery explosions and extreme temperatures through live performances on the Bausch Auditorium stage.
    Saturdays, Sundays and School Breaks: 1pm and 3pm

    Science On a Sphere® Presentations

    Engage in the wonders of our planet and beyond as you experience scientific data in three dimensions on our giant globe. See Earth and the universe in a whole new way through stunning projections of atmospheric storms, climate change, planetary activity and ocean temperature. 
    Saturdays, Sundays and School Breaks: 11:30am and 1:30pm

    Featured Presenters

    Exciting upcoming programs with featured scientists and science enthusiasts from across the community! Check for details.           

    Show times are subject to change. Call 585.697.1942 to confirm. To request an interpreter for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, please call at least two weeks in advance: 585.697.1942.

    Simulator Rides

    Enjoy special limited-time only simulator rides throughout the year. Most* special rides are $1 per person (members included). Visitors can enjoy the Lake Ontario ride daily for free.

    Alien Safari (High-Def ride)

    Tour life on another planet.

    November: Daily

    Hurricane Simulator
    Experience the power of 75mph hurricane-force winds! Several people can experience at the same time for the price of one simulation. *$2 charge per simulation (members included).



    Elements of the Extreme 

    Opens November 11

    Presenting sponsor: KeyBank

    Media sponsor: 13WHAM

    Program sponsor: Xerox

    Special thanks to: Laird Plastics, Newtex

    Take an unexpected journey through the most powerful forces on the planet. Immerse yourself in an edgy new exhibition and discover how incredible adaptations to the unique properties of earth, water, air and fire enable life on our planet to survive and flourish. As you get hands-on with science in this internally developed exhibition, marvel at rare objects pulled from our collection vaults and discover what protects you and other species from imminent danger.

    Earth – Use the colorful glow of florescent minerals to navigate your way through a cave. Build a structure to withstand an earthquake and test it on the “Shake Table.”

    Water – Using augmented reality technology, sculpt landscape and watch the topography change before your eyes. Release the shocking “Big Splash” and check out the full-scale model of a Hammerhead shark!

    Air – Compare the flight of hummingbirds and golden eagles to biplanes and helicopters. Test your bat sonar skills and imagine gliding like a flying squirrel in a specially designed flight suit.

    Fire – Cover your ears when the hydrogen cannon ignites! Explore the skill involved in forging 18th century Japanese samurai armor and firing pottery in the American Southwest.

    Earth, water, air and fire continue to mesmerize and inspire today. What will you make of them?


    Optical Society of America (OSA) Centennial Exhibit

    Location: Strasenburgh Planetarium

    Explore 100 iconic images and many local stories through a multimedia experience marking a century of innovation in the world of optics and photonics. This multimedia experience celebrates the scientists and inventions that changed the way we see, measure and interact with the world around us. Look for highlights from Rochester, NY!


    Newcomers to Expedition Earth

    Look for a new full-sized muskox and caribou in the Expedition Earth exhibition.

    Special thanks to Alan and Sandy Stone for their generous support.


    Science On a Sphere

    Sponsored by Harris Beach PLLC and O’Connell Electric Company

    Engage in the wonders of our planet and beyond as you experience scientific data in three dimensions on our giant globe. See Earth and the universe in a whole new way through stunning projections of atmospheric storms, climate change, planetary activity and ocean temperature. 

    Illumination: The World of Light and Optics

    Sponsored by G-S Plastic Optics and Tel-Tru Manufacturing
    Experiment with lasers, lenses and mirrors as you explore the nature of light and optics. Immerse yourself in more than fifteen hands-on exhibits that demonstrate exciting scientific concepts including reflection and refraction, radio waves and color temperature. Crank, spin and illuminate to make light bend, sound emanate and shadows dance. Discover the best parts of working in optics and photonics at the new media installation featuring Andy Germanow from G-S Plastic Optics. Spark a passion for science within as you discover the true wonders of light.


    Electricity Theater

    Featuring “singing” Tesla coils, Electricity Theater is a display of brilliant lightning zaps accompanied by popular music. Visitors watch the dark theater become splashed with light via twin solid-state Tesla coils, and allow their inner spark to ignite as they explore the excitement of electricity and all that goes with it.


    The American Civil War: The Impact of the Industrial Revolution

    Industry and new technologies had a huge impact on the military during the Civil War. Learn how the railroad, telegraph, photography and other advancements influenced the war. Discover unique items on display including rifles, military equipment, diaries and uniforms worn by local soldiers.


    Inventor Center

    Now-January 8, 2017, Weekdays 2-4:30pm, Saturdays, Sundays and School Breaks 10am-4:30pm

    Supporting Sponsor: G.W. Lisk Company, Inc. Made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services

    Power cities, build cars, harness wind and fire catapults. Dive into a hands-on exploration of the inventive process. Participate in engineering and design challenges as you tinker with raw materials to create working inventions that can be tested and shared. Challenges change every 3-5 months. Current challenge: Wind Energy: The city has lost power! Invent a wind turbine and help light up the city. How many blades should your turbine have? How should it look? Get your creative juices flowing and work with each other to generate the energy needed to power up the city.


    Nano Mini-Exhibit

    Imagine and discover a world you can’t see! Get the family together and become engaged in the world of nanoscale science, engineering and technology. Hands-on exhibits present the basics of nano, introduce real-world applications and explore the implications of this new technology.

    Erie Canal Lock

    Crank open lock doors and operate a tugboat. Get hands-on insights into how canal locks work in the real world.


    KEVA Planks

    Come build with us! Construct wooden masterpieces of all shapes and sizes with KEVA Planks, a building exhibit experience. Precision cut, identical construction blocks, KEVA Planks stack with surprising stability. Using only gravity, visitors dabble with physics in order to achieve balance, optimum proportion and strength.

    Under Construction: Building Careers

    Founding Supporters: Builders Exchange of Rochester, Max & Marian Farash Charitable Foundation, UNICON, John W. Danforth Company, LeChase Construction Services, LLC, Manning Squires Hennig Company, Inc. and O’Connell Electric Company

    Drill into an exciting hands-on exploration of construction trades. Built in-house by RMSC staff, the exhibition features the fascinating jobs of electricians, plumbers and other trade specialists. Maneuver a giant crane on the “job site,” install plumbing for a sink and much more. Also, learn from local trade professionals who built the Sustainability Institute Hall, home of the Golisano Institute for Sustainability on campus at RIT.


    Energy Trail

    Support from: AVANGRID Foundation/RG&E

    Built in-house by RMSC staff and volunteers, Energy Trail is a multi-sensory, highly physical experience where YOU hold the power. Compare types of energy. Cycle, push and pump to create power and discover the outcome. Complete the trail, which covers all three floors of the RMSC, and win a prize! Don’t forget to collect it at the front desk.



    Dive to the bottom of Lake Ontario in the Deep Submergence Vehicle simulator. Test your strength on the Genesee Gorge climbing wall. Explore Rochester weather. Experiment with wind currents, stream erosion and more.


    Expedition Earth

    Explore your connections to the natural world in this spectacular, interactive natural science exhibition. Discover how our region’s landscape and life forms have changed over hundreds of millions of years. See a full-size mounted mastodon skeleton, uncover bones in the dig site, enter a glacial ice cave and much more. Look for a new full-sized muskox and caribou!

    How Things Work

    Discover the science behind everyday devices. Through fun, hands-on investigation, find out how mechanisms such as light switches, thermostats and traffic signals work.



    Discover the principles of moving objects. Experiment with momentum, friction, gravity and acceleration as you send wooden balls looping and racing over ramps.


    Flight to Freedom: Rochester’s Underground Railroad

    Presented with support from the City of Rochester and the Underground Railroad Heritage Trail, a program of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

    Explore stories of courageous African Americans who traveled through Rochester on their way from slavery to freedom. Find out about local people who helped them.


    At the Western Door

    The hundreds of authentic objects show the Seneca’s and Haudenosaunee’s creative responses to new technologies and materials introduced following European contact. Clan and family continue to bind communities together and define who the Seneca and Haudenosaunee are.


    The Rochester Business Hall of Fame

    Presented by the RMSC in partnership with Junior Achievement of Rochester and the Rochester Business Journal. Sponsored by Bank of America

    This interactive exhibit celebrates exemplary Rochester leaders who have made outstanding, enduring contributions to business and community in the greater Rochester region. Look for our new 2016 inductees!

    Strasenburgh Planetarium

    657 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

    Weekends & Evenings: 585.697.1945 | Weekdays: 585.697.1942

    Shows subject to change


    Astronomy for Adults

    Adult lifelong learners seeking an intellectually stimulating program blending science, the arts and history. Not geared for children. Each session lasts about an hour.

    November 2 – A Short History of Planetariums

    November 9 – How to Select and Buy a Telescope

    November 16 – Mysteries of History: Where Did We Get Our Constellations?

    November 30 – Other Worlds Like Ours: Discovering Habitable Exoplanets

    $7 Adults; $6 Seniors 62+ or group members; $5 RMSC Members

    Visit to register. Groups of 10 or more, call RMSC group scheduling experts at 585.697.1942.


    Giant-Screen Films

    Admission: adults $7; seniors and college students with ID $6; ages 3–18 $6; RMSC members $3, children under 3 free. Children under 5 years old are admitted to daytime shows only.

    Giant-screen films on Wednesdays and Saturdays include open captioning on the screen with support from the Theatre Development Fund TAP Plus program, in cooperation with the New York State Council on the Arts.


    “To Fly”

    Length: 45 min. For all ages.

    Find thrills in a classic journey through the history of flight, from early balloon flights to 20th-century space missions. Produced in 1976 for the opening of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, where it still inspires crowds today.

    Show times:


    Star Shows

    Admission: adults $7; seniors and college students $6; ages 3–18 $6; RMSC members and children under 3 free.


    “Secrets of Jupiter”

    Length: 40 min. For older children and adults

    Discover how NASA’s Juno space probe investigations on Jupiter might tell us how our planets formed. Meanwhile, the Great Red Spot is mysteriously shrinking. Why? And NASA is working on a mission to the ice moon Europa.

    Show times:


    “Planet Spectacular”

    Length: 40 min. For ages 5-8.

    See the best photos from NASA space probes and the world’s observatories. Then let “Carl” the star projector make a realistic indoor sky for a tour of planets and constellations you can see this month.

    Show times:


    Animals in the Sky

    Length: 40 min. For ages 3 to 6 and the adults with them.

    Find animal shapes in the clouds and constellations in a story on the indoor sky. Dogs, a swan, an eagle, a lion and a whale! On an imaginary trip to the moon, we find no animals— they are all living on Earth.

    Show times:


    “The Sky Tonight”

    Length: 30 min. For ages 5 years to adult.

    This concise tour of the stars, constellations and planets in the current sky uses new, solid-state lasers to guide you through the magnificent starfield produced by the 46-year-old star projector. See this show, then step outside to see the real sky.

    Show times:


    Saturday Night Laser Shows

    Sponsored by City Newspaper

    Thanks to its pure wavelengths, laser light provides an intense color sensation whether faint or dazzlingly bright. Our solid-state lasers put brighter and more intense color than ever before among the stars inside the Planetarium dome, accompanying great songs on a top-quality sound system.

    November Shows

    Pink Floyd Laser Saturdays at 8:15pm | Dave Matthews Laser Saturdays at 9:30pm

    Length: 60 minutes each. Children under age 5 are not admitted to this show.

    Admission for ONE show: adults $7; seniors, college students, students ages 5–18, RMSC members $6.

    Admission for BOTH shows, back-to-back: adults $11; seniors, college students, students ages 5–18, RMSC members $9.


    Holiday Laser – Opens November 19           

    A Rochester tradition continues, with an eclectic mix of holiday music accompanied by laser light and unique visual effects. For all ages.

    Admission: adults $7; seniors, college students, students ages 5–18, RMSC members $6.

    Cumming Nature Center

    6472 Gulick Road, Naples, NY 14512



    Hours: Trails open five days a week: Wednesday through Friday, 9am–3:30pm; Saturday and Sunday, 9am–4:30pm (closed Monday and Tuesday).

    CLOSES for the season Sunday, November 13

    Admission: RMSC members free; General public donation requested—$3 per person; $10 per family. Unless otherwise noted, hikes/programs are free with admission

    Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC) includes the Science Museum, Strasenburgh Planetarium and Cumming Nature Center. Offering experiences at the Museum with more than 200 interactive exhibits, Planetarium with a 65-foot dome and Nature Center on 900 acres, the RMSC stimulates community interest in exploration. In addition, the more than 1.2 million RMSC collection items tell the story of Rochester’s past including its rich history of innovation and invention. RMSC receives major funding from Monroe County, where it is one of the top three most visited attractions serving children and families. For more information about RMSC, visit Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram