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Hang with Your Turkey’s Prehistoric Relatives at RMSC During Thanksgiving Break

    WHAT: Looking for something new to mix up your Thanksgiving traditions? How about exploring the Mesozoic era and learning more about the long lost relatives of turkeys: dinosaurs!

    Visiting the Rochester Museum & Science Center’s newest exhibit, Expedition: Dinosaur, is a great way to spend your time off of work and school next week. The exhibit brings dinosaurs to life through roaring, moving robotic replicas that will leave you in awe as you discover the fascinating world of paleontology. 

    According to a 2014 study from the University of Kent, Chickens and turkeys are “closer to dinosaur ancestors” than other birds, making Thanksgiving break the perfect time to learn more about dinosaurs.

    In addition to interactive games and quizzes within the exhibit, RMSC will also offer extra activities during the holiday weekend. These activities are included in the cost of admission:

    • Fossil Footprints: Ever wondered how fossils are formed? Discover fossil origins and what they tell us about how dinosaurs behaved millions of years ago– you can even create your very own fossilized dino footprint to take home!
    • Dress Like a Dinosaur: Get ready to run with reptiles by becoming one yourself! Cut, paste, and craft your very own headband and tail so you can stomp around the RMSC as your favorite dinosaur. 
    • Walk Like a Dinosaur: Follow in the footsteps of your favorite dinosaurs– literally! By studying the fossilized footprints of extinct dinosaurs, paleontologists have learned exactly how dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Match your stride to our dino-footprints and try to follow the same path as Theropods and Ceratopsian dinosaurs. 
    • Jurassic Jeep Code with Sphero Robots: This is where prehistory and modern technology collide! Discover the fun and endless possibilities of coding by trying your hand at driving a Sphero Robot “Jeep” over, under, and maybe even through a dinosaur safari.

    To see more details about RMSC’s new exhibit and Thanksgiving Break activities, go to



    Activities will be available for people of all ages.



    Thanksgiving break (November 20-28). 

    RMSC Museum is open Monday – Saturday from 9-5pm, and Sundays from 11-5pm.

    RMSC Museum is closed on Thanksgiving Day.



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