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UPDATED INFORMATION: RMSC’s autumn Science On the Edge lecture series continues Nov. 8 with a newly added event with Jack Garner, Jeff Spevak, and Brother Wease

    ROCHESTER, NY—Attendees at the Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC) Richard C. Shultz Science on the Edge lecture series experience science of all kinds. Science on the Edge lectures have provided insight and understanding about current research in a broad array of topics for a general audience for more than 30 years. Science on the Edge sparks intelligent conversations throughout the community and appeals to a broad audience. The relaxed atmosphere allows adult learners to comfortably expand their knowledge, and provides a unique after-hours opportunity to explore the Museum’s three floors filled with 200 hands-on exhibits. Upcoming lectures in the Autumn 2018 series include:

    Why Rochester? Exploring Music Business in Our Community; Jack Garner, Jeff Spevak, and Brother Wease; Thursday, Nov. 8, 7:30pm

    For more than 30 years they have been the eyes, ears, and mouth of the arts scene in Rochester. Jeff Spevak is a seven-time Associated Press First Place Award Winner, Jack Garner was the National Film Critic for USA Today, and Brother Wease is considered one of the 15 most influential radio hosts in America. Why have they chosen Rochester as their home and, more importantly, why does Rochester have such a dynamic arts culture?

    Join us for a spirited conversation with three of the brightest minds in Rochester’s art scene!

    New Frontiers in Surgery: 3D Printing Organs; Ahmed E. Ghazi, M.D., M.Sc, University of Rochester Medical Center; Wednesday, Nov. 28, 7:30pm

    Join us as University of Rochester Medical Center’s Ahmed E. Ghazi discusses creating 3D replicas of human organs for surgeons to practice on. Dr. Ghazi and his team have been 3D printing molds for model organs that mimic the real organs so closely that they even bleed when cut.

    “Surgery is often like a Pandora’s Box,” said Ghazi. “You don’t know what is inside until you open it up. The fact that we could someday have surgeons practice procedures on these models before going to the operating room helps eliminate the unknown, increases safety, and improves the quality of care. Patients can, in turn, reassure themselves by asking their surgeons ‘how did the rehearsal go yesterday?’ That is going to be the future of surgery.” 

    Tickets to the Richard C. Shultz Science on the Edge lecture series are: $10 for the general public; $8 for RMSC members; $6 for students through grade 12 and college students with ID; $5 for students who are RMSC members; and $2 for RMSC employees, docents, volunteers, and members of the Rochester Engineering Society. The Museum opens at 5:30 p.m., allowing attendees to enjoy Museum exploration, a lecture, and meeting with the speaker(s) in a unique after-hours experience. Seating is limited; pre-registration is encouraged at or by calling 585.697.1942.  

    For additional information or to arrange an interview with the speakers, contact Mare Millow, Marketing Communications Manager, RMSC, 585.697.1944,

    Panelists, left to right: Brother Wease, Jack Garner, Jeff Spevak