Strasenburgh Planetarium is closed for exciting technology upgrades. Click here to learn more about what you can look forward to.

Simulator Rides

Simulator Rides

Take a virtual journey and enjoy new special simulator rides each month.

Most special rides are $1 per person (members included), unless otherwise noted. Visitors can enjoy the Lake Ontario ride daily for free.


Limited-Time Simulator Rides


Moon Thunder

January: Daily


Color Wars

February: Daily 


Astro Canyon Coaster

March: Daily


Journey Through the Body

April: Daily


Volcano Mine Ride

May: Daily


Kid Coaster

June: Daily 


Aqua Ride

July: Daily


Astro Pinball

August: Daily


Journey to the Center of the Earth

September: Daily


Silicon Adventure

October: Daily


Virtual Time Machine

November: Daily 


Glacier Run

December: Daily 

Lake Ontario Dive

FREE - Dive to the bottom of Lake Ontario in the Deep Submergence Vehicle simulator.

Hurricane Simulator

Experience the power of 75 mph hurricane-force winds! Several people can experience at the same time for the price of one simulation ($2 – members included).


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