Weddings & Events at CNC

Weddings & Events at CNC Ash Carr Photography

An outdoor wedding at the RMSC Cumming Nature Center provides you and your guests with a strikingly beautiful natural setting to celebrate the transformational occasion of marriage, all while supporting the nature center’s efforts to offer world-class exhibitions and educational programs to the Finger Lakes community and visitors.

A ceremony in the cathedral pines is truly magical. From the dappled lighting to the naturally buoyant acoustics, this sacred outdoor space is always breathtaking, never unoriginal, and forever unforgettable.

For more information view our Partners in the Pines wedding plan guide. 


Other Events

Have another event you woud like to bring into the great outdoors? Let's talk about how our spaces can fit your needs. From booking a unique meeting space to a place to celebrating special moments, planning an event at Cumming Nature Center ensures a beautiful, natural venue while supporting educational programs and exhibits.


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