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Snowed In: Winter Break Science Days

Snowed In: Winter Break Science Days

Snow-body snows science and fun like RMSC! Join us during this holiday season and discover the science of the winter season by engaging in numerous hands-on winter themed science programs, shows, and activities. See below for all that we have planned! 

Winter Break Science Days 

December 26 - January 2 | 11am - 3pm

Sure to be “snow much fun”, Winter Break Science Days is an annual family favorite. Discover the wonders of winter with hands-on activities and demonstrations by RMSC staff, and meet with local scientists and organizations to see how the wonders of science and technology are interwoven throughout our community. Try your hand at programming our Snozo-bots, engineering snow forts, launching snowball catapults and more.  

Programs & Activities: 

  • Snow Slime: A winterized spin on one of the RMSC Museum's most popular messy activities.
  • Candy Cane Coding: Learn the basics of the "language of the future" while celebrating the season.
  • Robot Snow Plows: Build, test, and tinker with robotic snow plows to try and clear all the snow covered streets in town.
  • Murray in the Museum: Locate the mini Murray the Mastodons throughout the museum and solve the snow science riddles for a prize.
  • Blubber Glove: Discover how others mammals beat the cold to stay warm throughout the frigid winter.
  • Winter Mammal Foot Tracks: Find out what we can learn from following animal tracks and trace and take home footprints from some of your favorite mammals who thrive in the winter.


Planetarium Shows:



Roam with Dinosaurs During Winter Break

Run with the reptiles and immerse yourself in the Mesozoic era as you explore Expedition: Dinosaur!

This new exhibit brings dinosaurs to life through roaring, moving robotic replicas that will leave you in awe. As you journey through galleries filled with thrilling sounds and special effects, you’ll find a wide range of hands-on, interactive experiences and brain teasing puzzles that will challenge every dino-fanatic.

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