Exhibit Tours for Adults

Exhibit Tours for Adults

2019 Exhibit Tours for Adults

Enhance your museum experience with an in-depth look at some of RMSC’s favorite permanent exhibits and limited time only, featured exhibitions. Guided tours through a selection of RMSC’s exhibitions will be offered on the following dates in 2019.



All exhibit tours for adults begin in the main lobby of the Science Museum (near the Welcome Desk) on designated Tuesdays listed below at 2pm. Tours are 50-60 minutes long. Please note that the schedule is subject to change.



General admission: $18 for adults; $17 for seniors and college students with ID; $3 for RMSC members. 
Group rate: $10 per person (group of more than six visitors). 
No children’s tickets are sold for these tours.



Advance registration is required. Please call (585) 697-1942 to make your reservation by 4pm the day before the tour.


Upcoming Tours

Rochester & the Underground Railroad | Tuesday, May 21; 2pm

Explore the paths that courageous freedom seekers followed through Rochester in the dramatic, interactive, Flight to Freedom: Rochester's Underground Railroad exhibition. Walk in the footsteps of Austin Steward, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Jacobs, and Reverend Thomas James as they overcome huge obstacles to build free lives. Learn how they joined Rochester activists in the fight to abolish slavery and help others seeking freedom.


Native American Environments & Culture | Tuesday, June 18; 2pm

Using the intricate dioramas in our 2nd floor Native Peoples of the Americas gallery, take a closer look at the Algonquin, Apache, Haida, Pueblo, Inuit, Haudenosaunee, and Plains cultures. Compare and contrast the past material culture of these various groups of Native Americans living across North America. How are the religious, social, political, economic, technological, and artistic aspects of these communities affected by geography? Hands-on artifacts and natural materials from the Teaching Collection aid in the exploration of geographic and environmental diversity and the roles they played in family and community life across cultures. Continue the discussion on how Native Americans continue to contribute to cultural diversity in America.


Tracking a Tropical Cyclone | Tuesday, Sept. 17; 2pm

Discover how tropical cyclone observations were made through history. Observe patterns of this season’s storms through satellite imagery. Audiences participating in this program will be engaged with Science on a Sphere, a three dimensional data visualization tool.


The Haudenosaunee | Tuesday, Oct. 15; 2pm

Discover the local connections and rich culture, past–and–present, of the Haudenosaunee people in our Native Peoples of the Americas and At the Western Door exhibits. Follow their stories and discover the Haudenosaunee relationship with nature, the importance of clan structure, oral histories, The Great Law of Peace, and more as you compare and contrast the culture before and after contact with Europeans. Discuss how the Haudenosaunee maintain their cultural identity in today’s society. This guided tour through two of the RMSC’s most beloved exhibits connects their story with unique objects from our vast collections.


Deep Sea Vents: Life at the Extreme | Tuesday, Dec. 17; 2pm

Smoke, fire and darkness encompass a hydrothermal vent. Take a dive into the depths of the ocean to learn more about the life that exhibits in this extreme environment. Audiences participating in this program will be engaged with Science on a Sphere, a three dimensional data visualization tool.

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