Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar...

Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar...

Thursday, September 5 | 6-8 PM at ROC Brewing

Two Scientists Walk into a Bar...we know, we know, you've heard a joke like this before—so have we. But this time it's different. Two scientists walk into a bar...and will answer ANY question you have. They may even tell you a real joke! 

On Thursday, September 5, we're debuting a new style of happy hour, one where two scientists are hanging out at a bar looking very approachable (in this case two RIT science professors at ROC Brewing), and you have the opportunity to ask them questions—any question. They can be science related or not, in their field or not. Got some questions on your mind? Ask them! We can't promise they'll be able to answer the question of why your significant other has to clip their toenails in the sink, but you could ask.

This event is free (your drinks are not) we hope you'll stop by.


Featured Scientists

Commit these two to memory since they'll be the scientists to look for at the bar! 


Dr. Sandi Connelly joined the TH Gosnell School of Life Sciences faculty at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 2007. As the Leader Faculty in Online Learning in Science, and the Director of the Fast Forward Summer Research Program in the College of Science at RIT, Sandi has a vested interest in engaging everyone in learning all that they can about the world around them – always with a focus on interdisciplinary thinking and working together to solve the most interesting and challenging problems!





Mills.pngDr. Jeff Mills is a senior lecturer in the chemistry department at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Jeff is also the director of the Science Exploration Program in RIT’s College of Science. Jeff’s areas of expertise are biochemistry (the chemistry of molecules in your body – fats, carbs, and proteins, just to name a few!) and analytical chemistry (the chemistry of what kind of stuff is in a sample and how much stuff is there?). Even though Jeff is a chemist at heart, his role as the Science Exploration Program director means that he has to know something about math, physics, biology, and imaging science too!

Twitter & Facebook: @DrMillsRIT




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