👓 Not sure what to do with your eclipse glasses next? 👓

♻️ Bring them back to the RMSC or Strasenburgh Planetarium to be reused! Simply give us a visit and drop them off at the Museum & Science Center Welcome Desk or Planetarium box office. Deadline to drop off is May 1.

Strasenburgh Planetarium

Strasenburgh Planetarium Exhibits

Stroll through outerspace, discover a rich local history of optics, and see the sky through different cultural lenses. Exhibits at the Strasenburgh Planetarium are open to the public before and after all shows and presentations, as well as every Wednesday–Friday from 1:30–5pm.

  • Gambit Satellite Optical System

    Imagine building a camera with early 1960s technology to take photographs from 130 miles above the Earth, moving over 18,000 miles per hour, and clear enough to see trucks stored in a base.

    • Strasenburgh Planetarium
  • Rochester’s Eyes in Space

    Rochester’s Eyes in Space is an interactive exhibition exploring the technologies pioneered in Rochester that allow us to view distant stars, explore other planets, and better see what is happening on Earth.

    • Strasenburgh Planetarium
  • Same Sky

    Same Sky explores the universal importance of sky watching through unique cultural perspectives.

    • Strasenburgh Planetarium

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