Spectacular Shows

Journey across the universe via spectacular shows at the Strasenburgh Planetarium!

Online ticket sales for public shows end 24 hours before showtime. Same-day tickets are sold at the Planetarium box office and Museum reception desk. Please note: there is no late seating once a show has begun. If you leave during the show, there is no way to re-enter. Thank you for your cooperation.




Eagle Has Landed: 50th Moon Landing Anniversary Show

Begins July 6
Visit the Moon with us! Explore Apollo mission landing sites and then "step inside" the Lunar Module for an immersive re-creation of the moon landing. 

A Day on Pluto

Venture to Pluto and see how days, months, years, and eclipses in the Pluto system are very different from those on Earth.

Planet Spectacular

Visit all the planets in our solar system (and Pluto) and the most interesting and beautiful moons, all in one colorful show.

Outer Space to Inner Space

Journey from Earth, through our solar system and galactic neighborhood, and back down to the micro world of molecules in this brand new feature presentation.

Stars with Carl

A monthly show devoted to the 1968 Carl Zeiss Mark VI star projector, with a live presenter conducting a tour of the original Planetarium sky.

The Sky Tonight

Enjoy a concise tour of the stars, constellations, and planets in the current sky.

I See the Sky

A beloved star show returns, brighter and more colorful than ever!

Sensory Friendly The Sky Tonight

Next Shows: July 6 & August 3

A special performance at a quiet time of day for families who prefer to enjoy the Planetarium as a lights-up, music-down, doors-open environment.

70s Laser

Every Weekend in June

50 minutes/No children under 5

90s Laser

Every Weekend in June

50 minutes/No children under 5

Pink Floyd Laser

Returns in July 

50 minutes/No children under 5

Dave Matthews Laser

Playing throughout July

50 minutes/No children under 5

The Beatles in Laser Light

Returns in August

50 minutes/No children under 5

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