Eagle Has Landed: 50th Moon Landing Anniversary Show

Eagle Has Landed: 50th Moon Landing Anniversary Show

Begins July 6

We're heading to the moon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Moon landing. Using the latest data, we’ll visit the Sea of Tranquility, spectacular landing sites from various Apollo missions, and sites that were selected but never visited.

For the climax of the show, we will put you inside the Apollo 11 Lunar Module—“Eagle”—for an immersive re-creation of the heart-pumping 13 minutes of powered descent to the Moon. Looking out the windows, you'll see what the astronauts saw; listen to a synchronized recording of the tense conversations between the astronauts and Mission Control; and hear Flight Director Gene Kranz and his team of young controllers monitor Eagle's dwindling fuel supply and handle last-minute alarms from the guidance computer.
Geared for older children & adults; 50 minutes 

Lunar Liftoff! Moon Landing Celebrations

Keep celebrating after the show! Join us July 16–July 20 to celebrate the Moon Landing with exciting activities each day! 



Special viewing of Eagle has Landed

July 20 | 3:45pm
The 3:45pm performance will be timed so that the moon landing in the show occurs 50 years to the minute after the original event! (Only RMSC members can buy tickets in advance)



Show Times & Tickets

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