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Let's Get Ready for the 2024 Eclipse

Let's Get Ready for the 2024 Eclipse

It's never too early to prepare for an eclipse! 

An extremely impressive sky event will occur in April 2024: a total eclipse of the Sun!

Rochester is already planning for the total solar eclipse that will occur on April 8, 2024. This will be one of the most important celestial events for skywatchers around the world, and Rochester, New York, will be in the path of totality! Maybe you remember the excitement around the solar eclipse that occurred on August 21, 2017. Well, this will be even more exciting!

We wanted to share some ways you can learn more and start preparing for the 2024 eclipse. You can also check out the official Rochester Solar Eclipse website for more info about the eclipse.

Want to make sure you're prepared for the next solar eclipse? Grab some eclipse solar viewers from our gift shop! The shop is open Fridays-Sundays, or anytime the RMSC Museum is open to the public.

Check out this bulletin to see what upcoming eclipses are visible from Rochester between now and 2024!

Eclipse Activities to Enjoy at Home

Check out these fun activities you and your family can enjoy as you learn more about solar eclipses!


mooncalendar 1 640x350Make a Moon Phase Calendar

Do you and your family want to keep track of the moon’s phases? Create a calendar with this NASA-designed template to make plans for the best moon and stargazing evenings.

See Instructions and Download the Template



Screen Shot 2021 04 06 at 12.52.29 PMCreate a Moon Observations Journal

Look up at the night sky and record what phase the moon is currently in. Be sure to describe how bright it looks, the shape, and what the edges of the moon look like.

Download the template



2962 s65 55202Design Your Own Space Mission Patch

Watch a short video to see how NASA astronauts design their mission patches to tell the story of each shuttle mission. Then, draw and create your own Space Mission Patch just like the NASA astronauts!

Watch the Video


Virtual planetarium Show


Celebrating 3-Years Until the 2024 Eclipse: How to Prepare for the Eclipse in 2021


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