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Community Day

Get to know your community nature center for free!

  • Cumming Nature Center
  • FREE for locals

  • Sunday, August 25

Cumming Nature Center August 2020 for Rochester Museum and Science Center


Get to know your community nature center for free! Residents living within 10 miles of the nature center will get free admission on this special day. Visitors from Naples, Middlesex, Honeoye, Bristol, Springwater, and Canadice can enjoy this fun beaver-themed community day for all ages. (Map of these areas below)

We’ll offer guided hikes and programs throughout the day, in addition to all of our regular activities: hiking, picnicking, exhibits, and more! If you haven’t yet been to the RMSC Cumming Nature Center, take this opportunity to check it out for free!

Schedule of events TBA


About The Event

  • Cumming Nature Center
  • Sunday, August 25

  • 9:00am-5:00pm