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Tardigrade Day

Explore the amazing microscopic world of tardigrades with a talk, hike, and family-friendly activities!

  • Cumming Nature Center
  • Saturday, April 20th

  • 10am-2pm

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What animal can survive in space, can live decades without food or water, and lives here at Cumming Nature Center? The tardigrade! Join us on April 20th to learn all about this hardy and adorable microscopic species.

Learn about the tardigrade research happening at the Nature Center during a presentation and guided hike, and explore the lives of these tiny creatures through various family-friendly activities.

Schedule of events

At Tardigrade Day you can…

10:00am | Presentation on Tardigrades at Cumming Nature Center
Hear from CNC volunteer Judy Dobles, who has been working to expand our knowledge of tardigrade biodiversity in New York State by collecting small samples of lichen, moss, and leaf-litter here at the Nature Center. She has been collecting, identifying, and photographing tardigrades since 2023 and will share some insights and findings during this presentation.

Presentation is geared towards adults and older children, but coloring pages will be available for younger kids.

11:30am | Guided Hike
Join Judy Dobles out on the trail to walk through tardigrade habitat and learn where they can be found.

Ongoing | Family-Friendly Activities

  • Hit the trails with a nature-based scavenger hunt
  • Get up close to real tardigrades through a microscope
  • Tap into your creativity with tardigrade-themed art projects and games
  • And more!

Activities are free with admission.

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About The Event

  • Cumming Nature Center
  • Saturday, April 20th

  • 10am-2pm