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Partial solar eclipse to grace rochester skies

    On Saturday, October 14 Rochester will experience a small preview of the upcoming April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse with a partial solar eclipse. At maximum, 25% of the sun’s disk will be covered by the new moon. 

    The RMSC will be hosting a partial eclipse viewing party on October 14 from 9:30am–3pm. Join RMSC staff members and knowledgeable volunteers from the Astronomy Section, Rochester Academy of Science for eye-safe viewing and learning, where telescopes with solar filters and other methods to observe the eclipse will be available to try. Solar viewing/Eclipse glasses are on sale now at the RMSC Gift Shop at the Museum & Science Center, the Strasenburgh Planetarium, and the Cumming Nature Center. Observing a solar eclipse requires proper eye protection, such as eclipse glasses or solar filters, to avoid eye damage. Never look directly at the sun without appropriate protection. 

    Showings of “Eclipse 2024!” at the Strasenburgh Planetarium will be available for purchase. Tickets for showtimes go on sale on October 6th.  “The partial eclipse is the perfect opportunity to get Rochester practicing safe eclipse viewing methods and thinking ahead about how they will experience the April 8 2024 Total Solar Eclipse” said Daniel Schneiderman, Eclipse Partnerships Coordinator at the RMSC. “This will also be a perfect opportunity to purchase eclipse glasses before the big day in April.”

    October 14 Partial Eclipse Viewing Details (from Rochester)

    12pm: Partial eclipse begins

    1:13pm: Maximum partial eclipse is reached

    2:27pm: Partial eclipse ends

    April 8, 2024 Total Eclipse

    Rochester sits directly in the path of totality of the April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse and will experience 3 minutes and 38 seconds of complete totality when 100% of the sun’s disk will be covered by the new moon. The RMSC will be celebrating next year’s total solar eclipse with a multi-day festival, ROC The Eclipse, filled with hands-on activities, speakers, music, food, and more. Several thousand guests are expected each day of the festival.For more information about the 2024 eclipse, and to learn how to get involved, go to or follow the official Rochester Solar Eclipse pages on all social media platforms (@rocsolareclipse). You can sign up for ROC 2024 Total Solar Eclipse e-mails here.