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Roc the eclipse FESTIVAL Press INFORMATION

    WHERE can press PARK?

    Press will have a dedicated parking lot in front of the Strasenburgh Planetarium, please see the map. This lot is only accessible by East Ave.

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    Yes! The Multi-purpose room in the Planetarium will be our Press home base during the festival. Ethernet hookup and wifi will be available in this space on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Is there ethernet access?

    Yes! We’ll have ethernet hookup available on a first-come, first-served basis both inside our dedicated press space, and outdoors in the media parking lot & the Planetarium parking lot.

    Where do I get a press badge?

    Please email or to let us know you plan on attending. We’ll have a press badge set aside for you to pick up at the info booth.

    Is there wifi capacity?

    Yes! We will provide a private staff & press wifi.

    When can press arrive?

    The earliest arrival time for setup is 4:30am on April 8.

    If you’d like to cover events on April 6 & 7, please reach out to and

    Is there someone we can interview?

    Yes, we will have staff on-site throughout the day on a rotating basis who can be ready to interview.

    What events are happening and when?

    Please see our festival lineup for a detailed schedule!

    On Monday, April 8, starting at 2pm, we’ll start directing everyone outdoors to the L3Harris main stage for the rest of the festival activities.

    What if I have questions about rochester?

    Check out our partners at Visit Rochester for more in-depth info about the city and everything going on during the eclipse! You can also contact Rachel Laber Pulvino at for additional Rochester press inquiries.

    general festival faqs

    When is the festival?

    Saturday, April 6, 10am–5pm

    Sunday, April 7, 10am–5pm

    Monday, April 8, 9am–5:30pm

    science & glasses safety

    Look for the manufacturer on the back of the pair of glasses. If you buy them through the RMSC, Livingston County, local organizations listed on, or of any of the manufacturers and resellers mentioned on under Eye Safety, you’ll be in good hands (or glasses, rather).

    You can learn more about safe solar viewing methods at

    Hard no. DO NOT USE REGULAR SUNGLASSES! They’re not strong enough to observe the sun and can lead to eye damage. We recommend either using approved eclipse glasses, solar filters, or creating a pinhole viewer to project an image on the ground.

    Learn more

    Absolutely! As long as they haven’t been scratched or damaged.

    The eclipse will still happen! It will get dark out (possibly even more noticeable), the temperature will drop by 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and animals will think it is nighttime. It will still be a notable, multi-sensory experience to witness. We’ll still be celebrating here at the RMSC no matter what!

    what does a 3-day pass get me?

    Access to all activities and shows (first come, first served) at the RMSC Museum & Science Center and Strasenburgh Planetarium.

    Where/when do I get my wristbands?

    You’ll pick up your wristbands on the day of at the Museum & Science Center Welcome Desk.  

    Please have your confirmation email ready (including your order number) to share with RMSC team members.

    What can or can’t I bring onto the grounds?


    • Small folding chairs are permitted outdoors
    • Picnic blankets

    not permitted

    • Smoking or vaping is not permitted on the RMSC campus
    • Alcohol is not permitted

    For the safety of our guests bags may be searched. 

    Are there atms on site?

    There is an ATM in the Galaxy Café on the ground floor of the Museum & Science Center building and an additional ATM located in Eisenhart Auditorium.

    emergencies/first aid?

    The front desk in the Museum & Science Center, the box office in the Planetarium, and the info desk at the Eisenhart Auditorium will have a first aid kit available for our visitors. There will also be an Ambulance on site for any emergency needs. 

    Look for staff in navy shirts if you need assistance finding first aid.

    What kind of food/drinks will be available?

    Food trucks will be on site. 

    Vending machines with snacks and drinks are available in the cafe, and food will be available for purchase in the cafe.

    ARe refunds available?

    No refunds are available for festival admissions. If you have questions, please contact

    How do I know when to take my glasses off?

    Join us outside at the L3Harris Stage at 2:20pm. We’ll be announcing when the eclipse starts, when totality begins, and when it ends!

    What time is the eclipse?

    Is the Eisenhart Auditorium free to enter?

    The Eisenhart Building & Auditorium will be free and open to the public during the festival.