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The RMSC Unveils New Exhibit: Wonders of Water

    ROCHESTER, NY, November 10, 2022–The RMSC unveils a brand new permanent exhibit tomorrow on Friday, November 11, 2022. The exhibit is included in general admission with no additional cost to visitors wanting to dive into this interactive learning experience.  

    “This new exhibit offers a truly immersive and hands-on experience that invites a new way of understanding the beautiful, essential, and necessary waters of our region. We are thrilled to open this interactive experience to the public to explore how we view the depth and complexity of a resource as ubiquitous as water.” says Hillary Olson, RMSC President & CEO. 

    Wonders of Water is an immersive exploration of the waters of our region which serve as a powerful force of nature and source of life. Visitors will feel submerged as they enter the exhibition space, greeted by an illuminated Luckey Climber climbing sculpture that visually illustrates seasonal and annual water temperature data, an explorable version of the shipwrecked USS Scourge, and Creation Narratives from around the world that centralize water as a theme. 

    Upon venturing into the second half of the exhibit, visitors emerge from the underwater zone to discover how water connects us to all living things and each other. Visitors can visit a wetland walk to discover how it acts as a natural filtration system, build a spray park, film their own message about protecting our local waters, and consider the impact of the Erie Canal on the Haudenosaunee people and their ancestral lands. 

    The RMSC Museum & Science Center worked with many local partners, artists, scholars, organizations, and community members to inform the content and bring this stunning, accessible exhibit to life for all. Our Exhibitions team is grateful to everyone who worked on and provided input on this exhibit. Community partners, including science and cultural experts, advised on many aspects. Components were constructed by museum staff and volunteers as well as internationally-renowned exhibit design firms. The new Erie Canal interactive includes improved controls and visuals, created by volunteers from the Museum & Science Center’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG). “TAG volunteers have dedicated literally thousands of hours designing and building this experience which is truly unique to Rochester.” says Calvin Uzelmeier, Director of Featured Content.

    “Including diverse voices and perspectives in the exhibit development process, and especially those historically underrepresented in mainstream museums, is critical to offering experiences that are welcoming, relevant, and inspirational  to our entire community.” says Kathryn Murano Santos, Senior Director, Collections & Exhibitions. The RMSC is thankful for the partnership of Anita Cameron, Minister Clifford Florence, Sr., Jamie Jacobs (Tonawanda Seneca Nation, Turtle Clan), Maria Maybee (Seneca Nation, Snipe Clan), Rachel Rosner, Tonya Noel Stevens, Dr. Christy Tyler, Dr. Tony Wong, and Erin DiCesare and Greg Kamp from Mary Cariola Children’s Center in designing and creating content for Wonders of Water

    Wonders of Water is the newest exhibit at the RMSC Museum & Science Center, providing visitors of all ages with experiences sure to make you say “WoW!” 
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